We exhibited at "Workten 2023 in Kamakura" sponsored by Kamakura FM!

From August 25th (Friday) to August 27th (Sunday), we exhibited at "Shigoten" hosted by Kamakura FM!

With the theme of ``Discover your love'', many children participated in the work experience mainly at companies in Kamakura City!

The first event was held at MUJI.com at Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura, but this time it was expanded in scale and held at multiple venues including Kamakura Station.

Our company, Sansuido, also held the event this time at our store in front of Hachimangu Shrine.

Inside the Sansuido store, let's draw a sketch of the Obon product that will become a product like last time ♪ With the cooperation of engraving artist Mayuko Ishii, we gathered cute apprentice artists and had a fun time drawing to our heart's content. I had it done!

<Click here for the profile of engraving artist Mayuko Ishii>

This time's project was to explain to the children, ``What is Kamakura-bori?'' and then draw a design for a 7-inch round tray based on that information.

If you are curious about “What is Kamakura-bori?”, check out this blog!

<What are the characteristics of Kamakura-bori? Is it wood carving? Is it lacquer? >

<The story of lacquer: Natural paints derived from plants>

The free thinking of the children always impresses me, and it's really fun just to watch them!

Everyone has a different approach to drawing, and whether they're talkative or shy, they all fall in love with it once they start drawing.

Those of us watching received a lot of energy from the children.

Here are the pictures drawn by them and their girlfriends! !

All of them are wonderful pieces with their own individuality! !

This time, we are accepting orders for those who wish to have a 7-inch round tray made with their own drawings.

Please note that I would like to make some modifications to the design to make it suitable for engraving.

This is the report on Sansuido Presents “Shigoten”.

Kamakura FM is planning to continue "Shigoten" next year and beyond, so please look forward to the next one!

Just like the children's designs, Sansuido's Obon trays also have wonderful designs!

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