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  • 鎌倉シャツのハンカチをプレゼント!

    日頃より当店と懇意にしていただいているメーカーズシャツ鎌倉様より、ノベルティとして義時くんハンカチをご提供いただきました! 鎌倉市観光協会のオリジナルキャラクター「義時くん」のタグが付いている限定品です。   実店舗またはオンラインショップにてお買い上げのお客様に差し上げます。 (オンライ...
  • 大河ドラマ館オープン記念です!

    3月1日より、いよいよ「鎌倉殿の13人」大河ドラマ館が、鶴岡八幡宮境内の鶴岡ミュージアムにてオープンします! 2月27日のオンエアでも、ついに鎌倉がドラマの舞台となりました♪ 番組最後の紀行でも、鎌倉各地の名所が紹介されていましたね。     というわけで、、、勝手ながら作りました。 『8...
  • amazonPayをご利用いただけるようになりました

  • Guidance of the New Year Sequence Schedule

    Thank you very much for always using SanSuiDo. From December 31, 202 to January 3, 2022, we will leave the delivery work of the net shop.(The store...
  • [Limited time campaign information] Notice of home page renewal

    Thank you for always visiting SanSuiDo website.Today, I renewed the homepage of SanSuiDo.With this renewal, all the mechanisms such as the cart sy...
  • Kougei Expo in Aichi will exhibit!

    It will be held in Tokoname City Centrair this year, which will be the first time in two years. From November 27 (Saturday) to November 29 (Mon), t...
  • SanSuiDo's products were exhibited at Tianjin Isetan

    This is Tianjin Isetan! It was exhibited at the Promotion Space on the first floor of Tianjin Isetan until March 11th and 25th. There are also man...
  • SanSuiDo was introduced at the Site PEKOPEKO which is information site for overseas

    Information sites that disseminate Japanese tourist information and souvenirs overseas, and Yamisuido was introduced to "PEKOPEKO"! It was a very...

    We have published in "JAPAN Brand Collection 2020 Premium Kitchen Tool"! I think that I will tighten myself by side by side with the Kraft Work and...
  • We sell at Paris Maison WA!

    It is Paris who has canceled the prohibition of going out from the middle of May, but it sells the product of SanSuiDo at "Maison WA" that handles ...
  • WEB Magazine in France was published in "TOUTE LA CULTURE"

    Late in March, Laetitia Larralde who is editor of WEB Magazine "TOUTE LA CULTURE" in France has interviewd us "SanSuiDo". It was returned safely to...
  • May 27 Notice of Sales Resume

    In order to prevent coronal virus infections, we continued to be temporarily closed after May 7, but it is not necessary to cancel the emergency de...