What is the Kamakura-bori

History of Kamakura-bori

"Kamakura-bori" is a lacquered craft that has been taken over from the Kamakura period to the present, and its history will be 700 years.
From the 12th century, the Source-limited morning opened the Shogunate to Kamakura, and the Buddha-sculptor who has gathered in Kamakura, which has become the center of Japan, made it with a lacquer and incense instrument used in the temple and craft. It is originated and is affected by the "Zen" culture, and is characterized by the delicacy of carving and the beauty of sinking tones.
In the Meiji era, the upstream classes gathered in Kamakura, which became a resort area, interested in "Kamakurabori" as crafts, and gradually became. There is also an artistic value of art, and it is considered as a highly famous craft as an expensive engraving lacquer.

Fabrication process

  1. Processed the wood of the dryness that has been dried over half a year to various things.
  2. Various sculptures are applied to the processed base. The exemplification is mainly mainly, but there are many other gambling patterns. Finish delicate sculptures using a number of types of tools.
  3. Complimented natural lacquer in order of base, middle coat and top coat, plants flour of the rice family of Makomo to finish, and finally paint the luster lacquer and complete. It will be 10 to 15 steps for the lacquered process.

As mentioned above, since all the handmade by serious craftsmen, the texture of the brown lacquer is becoming more and more about the long-year-old.