Information on how to use coupon

For those who have a coupon

If you have a coupon that can be used in our shop, you can use the coupon by the following procedure.

Step1: Select a product, set the delivery destination / delivery method, and proceed to the payment screen.

Please enter the coupon code in the coupon code input field in "Select the Payment method" on the order screen.

Step2: Apply the coupon code

Enter the coupon code and press the "Applicable button" to reflect your coupon code.

When the coupon is reflected, the discount is applied to the order amount, and the mark that the coupon code is reflected is displayed.

* The coupon code will be an error if there is a difference between the alphabet in the alphabet, half -width and full -width of alphanumeric characters.
If you have won the coupon by e -mail, you can reduce the occurrence of error by copying and pasting the coupon code.