About temporary closing with the prevention of coronal virus infection expansion Part 2

Although it was temporarily closed on May 6 by the government's emergency declaration, it has been to extend the temporary school until May 31 to prevent further infection expansion. There is also a possibility of normally resuming business according to the future situation, so we will guide you again.

Despite such circumstances, customers who are ordering on the phone or website, and contact with you in advance for customers who can go to the storefront.

We sincerely pray for your health and the daily life of our smile as soon as possible.

Subsequently, if you are contacting us from the website or contact you below, you will be able to respond as much as possible, so please take care of yourself.

Telephone 0467-23-3999

Email info@sansuido.co.jp


  The photo is a confectionery of a non-death bird-like design with a wish of "resurrection".

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