We will exhibit at the JAPAN EXPO PARIS WABI SABI booth!

We will exhibit at the "JAPAN EXPO PARIS" WABI Sabi booth, held at the Paris Nol Villpant Federation of Paris from July 14 (Thu) to 17 (Sun), 2022!

This is the first time in three years, and I feel that I have made a step forward from the situation of Corona.♪


It is a venue like anime and cosplay Hall of Fame, but it is an event where many visitors are interested in Kamakura sculptures, traditional Japanese crafts and traditional performing arts.

Above all, chopsticks are very popular, and I feel that Japanese food is a boom in France.

Sansuido shop owner also travels to the site and sells to people in France. I'm looking forward to what kind of people I can meet!

* The photo of the venue is from July 2019

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