Kamakura-Bori with a calm elegance is perfect for small! Here are three recommendations for accessories

Kamakura-Bori with an elegant and dignity is perfect for small! Here are three recommendations for accessories
There are a variety of lacquerware is in the tradition of Japanese crafts, it has been used in a variety of scenes from daily necessities to luxury goods.
In Kamakura-Bori is representative of lacquerware carved Among them, it combines the texture of lacquer calm and delicacy of hand-carved.

By all means in such a scene this time! ! While applying a spot on the small of Kamakura-Bori that,
We will continue to introduce the "Kamakura-Bori of charm," "Kamakura-Bori of another scene recommended," "Caring for Kamakura-Bori".

The first place is the Kamakura-Bori?

The Kamakura-Bori, carving patterns, such as flowers on the tree to be a foundation, that of sculpture lacquerware overlaid painted lacquer on it, finishing the way of lacquered show carving a more three-dimensional has become a feature.
But is a technique that has been used when originally to make, such as ritual, now is also used for daily necessities, such as tray or dish, also made small items such as chopsticks and chopstick rest.

Know the goodness of the Kamakura-Bori

Compared with lacquer ware painted in red and black shiny Kamakura-Bori is a little calm impression, lacquer finish of the reddish-brown is characterized.
Courtly atmosphere is small, there is a familiar goodness be combined with that amount other lacquerware and ceramics. That said, the beauty of the sculpture that emerges in the same color tone has a presence, is still lovers often now.

In addition, Kamakura-Bori is coming out of sheer black lacquer of the color of the intermediate along the long wear and carved irregularities, since it is possible to enjoy a variety of facial expressions, it will be felt further attachment in the many years of loyal.
Kamakura-Bori is I often pattern of flowers, there is also a design of geometric patterns, such as the Edo Komon. Because it is not only truly Japanese style design, it is also recommended to try to match the Western tableware and Asian taste.

I recommend this scene! Small items of Kamakura-Bori

Kamakura-Bori want to use in such a scene, especially introduce the three small items recommended.


In such as a company receptionist, there is also a place to receive business cards Bon when held out a business card. Idea to prepare a business card tray is for visitors to visit for the first time the company, is one of the hospitality in the business scene.
Kamakura-Bori with a sense of calm even while air of luxury is ideal for business card tray, if you use a business card tray of the picture with Yukari or in-house ones carved, such as its logo, deep impression to customers who visit you'll be able to leave.
In fact, this business card Bon, I know also recommended as a tray when you remove the watches and accessories.


In order to produce a meal as enjoyable moments, stylish tableware is not essential.
So why not try using chopsticks of Kamakura-Bori?
Chopsticks of Kamakura-Bori is the unevenness of the hand-carved is likely familiar with the hand, also felt warmth of wood touching the mouth. It will also be the topic of at the table, you'll be the texture us more tasty meals.

Princess mirror

Hand mirror lacquered from the old days was the necessities for women. Hand mirror of still Kamakura-Bori is very popular, is about some people from the mother to her daughter are using taken over in a parent-child second generation.
It was a compact such a hand mirror is the princess mirror.
Although the diameter of the mirror is small and 7cm weak, you can carry in a bag, Come to take out casually in public a princess mirror your favorite flower is carved, no doubt be of interest.

Kamakura-Bori method of care

Speaking of lacquerware, whether care is think many people think a quite very?
But in fact, just enough to wipe with a soft cloth, such as cotton.

Etc. introduce the business card Bon and princess mirror, you can keep the shine in just a dry cloth to beans to, it has increased the texture embezzled will not be conspicuous in nature, such as a fine crack.
So, it is exactly the same as feeling embezzled such as leather or denim for many years!

Wash also OK

For chopsticks, there is no problem with the wash with the dishwashing detergent as normal tableware. Its not hard like a scrub brush in the case, you may use a soft sponge.
However, a note that use of the dishwasher and microwave oven causes of deterioration and cracking!

Sunlight and dry is not good

Direct ultraviolet rays or excessive drying, such as sunlight, can be thought of as a natural enemy for the lacquerware. Lacquer of gloss is to ruin is faded or the beautiful surface or lost, you may foundation resulting in deformation.


To those who want to try to incorporate into everyday is the Kamakura-Bori, is these accessories is recommended. Both of course, to love yourself, it is a great gift. Since you are using natural materials, such as chopsticks is very popular in the safe for small children.
In the shops "Sansuido" in the Kamakura, in addition to the business card tray, chopsticks, Himekyo you introduce, stocks many various accessories, is ideal for commemorative or souvenir of tourism. When the cause to Kamakura attractions such as Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, Please come and visit us to our shop.
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