It is commemorating the opening of the taiga drama hall!

From March 1st, the Taiga Drama Museum, "13 people in Kamakura -dono," will open at the Tsuruoka Museum on the grounds of Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine!

Even on the air on February 27, Kamakura finally became the stage of the drama.♪

Even in the last travel of the program, famous places around Kamakura were introduced.



So, I made it without permission.

"8 -inch round tray three scales"is.

The price is 13,000 yen including tax after the drama.

For the time being, it will be ordered.



These souvenirs are often sold like "limited 〇〇 sheets", but ...

Actually, in our shop, we were considering selling a limited number of pieces after the drama.


But, but ...

"We accept custom -made customs as much as possible"

Because it is our motto, I realized that if there are customers who want this product, limited sales do not make much sense.

Rather, it is our policy that we will always make it for customers who wish, rather than inspiring customers with the words "Limited sales!"


Of course, we will be happy to make the order of other warlords and the family crest of your family.

Now, order! !

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