[Limited time campaign information] Notice of home page renewal

Thank you for always visiting SanSuiDo website.

Today, I renewed the homepage of SanSuiDo.
With this renewal, all the mechanisms such as the cart system have been new.

I think there are only customers who are surprised by the difference with the previous cart system, but you can conveniently shop.
In particular, shopping on a smartphone is easier.

And with this renewal, we will make a free shipping campaign for purchases over 5000 yen.

Besides, there are differences in membership accounts, payment methods, etc., so please check the following.

About Renewal Campaign

Free shipping at ordinary 20000 yen or more, from December 10, 2021 to December 29, 2021,It will be free shipping on orders over 5000 yen. Please enjoy shopping at this time.

About member account

Customer members who have registered as membership at SanSuiDo Site so far have a member account continue to be used after this renewal.

However, because the system is completely different, you need to reconfigure your membership account password yourself.

Customers who have registered as a member of the previous site will be delivered by email from August 20th to request the password reconfiguration of the Renewal Site Membership Account at any time.

The contents of the mail are as follows.

You can access our site by pressing the Enable Account button. Continue to set up a password with a password.
※ Please enter the password twice for confirmation.

If you do not wish to use our membership account for our shop, you do not need to press the "Invite" button or to support this guidance.

Website Renewal Changes-About Payment Method

So far, only payment methods such as credit cards, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc. It is now possible to make a convenient shopping.

In addition, shopping on a smartphone has become easier.

Significant renewals of the site also allow you to inconvenient with unexpected troubles and different systems than ever before, but please acknowledge. In addition, we also have a point that we can not understand, so it would be nice if you can notify you if you have a point of viewing before and after the site renewal. Please feel free to contact us if you have anything.

Inquiry about site renewal

Click here for inquiries by email
■ Contact by phone

0467-23-3339 (reception time is 8:30 to 18:00)

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