The tray of "Shigeten" is completed! ! !

In August this year, I had my children draw a pattern of Kamakura sculpture at "Shigeten" sponsored by Kamakura FM.

Three of them were actually carved as a pattern, but after that, it was finally completed after the lacquered process! !

It's a wonderful finish than I had imagined♪



As you can see again when you look at the finished work, each of them is in a very devised composition, and I am just impressed with the power.


Then, please see the individual works!

Jan! ! !

It is a yacht design.

The balance, such as the arrangement of clouds and seagulls, is wonderful!

It is a design and a carving that makes you feel the amount of summer cloud.


Here is the next work! Jan! ! !

This is the design of Enoden who saw Enoshima in a distant view.

The scenery such as the sea and the sun is neatly organized, mainly in Enoden using perspective.

It is an elaborate design in detail, such as where the lighthouse in Enoshima is glanced.♪

The waves like Aomi waves are also good.


And here is the third! Jan! ! !

It is Mt. Fuji surrounded by wood.

It is a very unique design that can be said that freedom and power are embodied by your child's ideas!

I am impressed by the unique expression of this tree. I thought that my child's idea was really free.


The three works created by the talent of the children who participated and the great collaboration of Kamakura sculptures are on display at Sansuido.

Each is limited to one point, but we also sell it for 9,900 yen including tax.

If you want to see the real thing, please visit the Sansai -do store! !

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