What is a feature of Kamakura Cross? Woody Woody? Is it lacquer?

"What is the feature of the Kamakura Arrangle?"
You will receive a question from the customer.
I always think that it is difficult to answer this kind of straight ball, but it is difficult to answer
If you say,
1 Hand-carved sculpture is applied


2 Lacquer with lacquer from the base

It is aggregated into the word.
Whether this is a real customer who is asked by the actual customer, it is not like this, but it is like this.

Think about its characteristics from the genre of traditional crafts

In the first place, the traditional crafts designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has several genres.
For example, ceramics, textiles, woodworkers, etc. Lacquerware is one of the genres and Kamakura carving is included in the lacquer's category.

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Speaking of a typical lacquerware, there are also 23 types of lacquerware, which are designated as traditional crafts in Aomori prefecture, but the Wajima coating of Ishikawa Prefecture, but as traditional crafts nationwide. Among them, lacquerware that name "carving", that is, sculpture to the wood and painted lacquered crafts, in addition to the Kamakura scrube, it is actually only "Murakami tree sculpted eel" in Niigata Prefecture.

Lacquer and Murakami trees

Murakami Murakami is very similar to the Kamakura and its roots, etc. If you give a strong difference, the Kamakura scroll is often sowing flours such as Makomo to finish, and is the fluttering of the finish is not as red as the fluttering taste.

murakamituisyu.jpgMurakami tree sculpture Motoru Kamikura scroll and slightly different red redness is also attractive
However, this is also a problem of defining, and there are also Kamakura carving close to sophorization, and the actual techniques are various.

Technology's extra! Kagawa lacquerware

In addition, Kagawa lacquerware has several types of techniques, and an elephant, one of which is processed on a wood, or other lacquerware with a common point or having a common point or a common point. There is also.
By the way, Kagawa lacquerware also has a technique called a "engraving plaster", but this is the way to engrave the layers of lacquered lacquered (or hundreds of times), and the wood carving is even different.

kagawa_tuisyu.jpgKagawa lacquerware is carved by lacquer coatings with unbelievable minority of fragrant minority


Is it different from woodwork?

By the way, in the genre of woodworking products, there is also the first one-piece carving of Gifu prefecture and Ibejima sculptures in Toyama prefecture, Miyajima work work in Hiroshima Prefecture, but these are not lacquered, so the genre is different from Kamakura carving. . However, since both woode carving, there are many customers who are similar.
However, the wood grain is also beautiful and the Kamura scrubbing is another sculpture technology that looks at the eyes.

ittobori.jpgThe rats are cute to see the first-piece sword sculpture

Roots are Kamakura? About sunlight

Tokugawa Shogunate Sansei General Tokugawa Hitachi has attracted Miya University, a carbirds, laclannel, gold and painter from the country when changing the Nikko Higashi-Tomu Palace at the time.
(The carbird is said to have been collected about 400,000 people)
These cars are said to be the origin of the sunlight by what the work of work was carved.

The roots are very similar, as the Kamura Crosses are also originated by the carbirds collected from the whole country with the Kamakura period Temple architecture. In fact, it is said that a large number of carvings who were in Kamakura have flowed to sunlight during this era, so it may not be an exaggeration to say that the Kamikura sculpted is a round of light.
Sunlight is famous for using a tool that does not use much with a kamikura scroll, and this is a technique that produces the difference from the Kamakura Arrow. Since the current sunshine is not necessarily finished with lacquered, it is somewhat different from the Kamakura carving that is classified by lacquerware.


in conclusion

Well, I tried to put out various crafts and explained the characteristics of the Kamana Cross.
Such fine classifications and features, knowing that they can also know the salary, it is essential to the deep understanding of crafts.
However, as a craft, you will be moved by a fine sculpture, you will be able to get a unique lacquer texture, or use it for a long time, and you may be impressed by that strongness, and enjoy your business change. ,

From such a place, it is the best pleasure to be able to think of "Kamakura engraving" and our customers.
It is also important to know in detail the product information as a background, but that alone does not understand the real goodness of the crafts!
I'm glad if you feel the skill of the craftsman from the feelings and feelings that they have taken the texture and hand♪

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