Celebration of Kamakura carving to share the Yokobi

Gifts play an important role in conveying the feelings.

I will appear in various milestones with my life stage, but I am happy to be happy for many times.

Above all, the inner celebration is also a newcomer of the celebration, and is also the announcement of Keuin. For yourself, I would like to choose something that remains in memory even for the other party.

The traditional crafts, Kamakura, is the best lacquer texture and elaborate sculptures, and it is perfect for coloring celebrations. It has no doubt, quality and beauty.

In addition, there are also few cases where people who will be held in Kamakura and those who are opened in Kamakura are "Kamakura-like things" from the region with the region.

Why don't you make a celebration scene more special with a gift that gets a bit different?

What is your celebration?

When there was a problem with marriage, childbirth, new construction, etc., it is a celebration that gives in the sense of "happiness division" to families, relatives, people who are indebted. In other words, the leading role of celebration was originally present.
However, if a person who has not celebrated is not a celebration, you may be able to celebrate, but it may be aware of your opponent.
Therefore, the mainstream is the usage that is currently "giving it as a return" if you have a celebration. The celebration is virtually returned, but it is a manor that does not clearly be cleared with "return".
"Give me to share the Yorikobi, not a returned return"
Don't forget the original meaning, and you want to choose a gift with gratitude.

Who will you give me a celebration?

It is common to give me a celebration to everyone who celebrated.

What time do you give in your celebration?


There is no need to prepare a solvestive of the outcome and cuisine to be delivered at the reception. However, if you received a lot of celebration, and if you have a celebration, you will not be able to invite the reception, and will give you a celebration again later. When giving a celebration, give it a drawn thing and do not cover.


If you have a baby celebration, we will give birth to birthday celebrations. Parents, brothers, relatives, friends and close people should have been looking forward to. You can share joy with a little gift.
It is a common timing to give you within one month.

New construction

New construction celebration is considered to be aware of the house, inviting a celebration, and it is considered to be a meal or tomb. However, there are cases where new construction can not be performed or can not be invited by the other party's convenience. At that time, we will give you a product as a new built celebration.


There is also an open birthday celebration that will give you a celebration that opened stores and establishments.
If you open a unveiled party, you can make a celebration by giving a gift to the attendee. If you have not to attend, you will be able to give you a gift of your celebration with a thank you very much for those who did not attend.
Also, if you do not do a party, we will give you a support to those who have opened the opening and opening.


If you receive a celebration, it is common to prepare a souvenir as a celebration.
If you're presiding the celebration and the party, it will be a civil celebration that you give it as a pullout. If you do not have such a seat, you will be able to give me a celebration within 1 to 2 weeks after the announcement.

If you do not need a celebration

When it is said that it is not necessary from the other party

Some people will be careful when you give a celebration. Depending on the relationship with the people who celebrated, it is not exciting for your celebration.
In addition, it may be said that "no return is not necessary" from parents and oysters. In such a case, it is good to consult with the spouse and decide.
However, even if it is said that it is not very close to the acquaintance, please be careful if it is said from the eyes. As it is possible to say so because of the social order and forbidden, let's give me a celebration.

If you get from the company or union

There are also celebrations that are paid as part of the welfare and system in the company and union, but no celebration is necessary regardless of the amount.

If the celebration was small

If it is a celebration of about 1,000 to 2,000 yen, the budget of your celebration is too small and it will be rude. Send a thank-you letter and message to convey gratitude.

What is your celebration market?

Budget of the celebration that is worried about.
As is said to be said to be "half a celebration", it is a common market for about half a half.
However, in the case of expensive celebrations, the amount may be too large in half a year.
In consideration of the relationship between the other person and age difference, etc., when you receive a high celebration, let's keep a meal as a guide to choose a product as a guide.

Call and what are you selected?

Speaking of celebration classification, towels, sweets and cutlines are mentioned.
I am pleased if you choose a little more classy thing that you will not buy.
Taboo as a tabula to the item and tea. The cutlery is said to have a good luck, and it is said that the tea is often used and it is not good. In addition, it is safe to avoid combing comb and mirrors, etc.

Selection of the Kamakura vulgarize to give genuine

The other party passing the celebration is the age, family structure, and the relationship with the giver.
Who is the traditional crafts, which is a traditional crafts, who is appreciated with the scene of the celebration, who is appreciated by anyone, is it a traditional craft?
Unique traditional craftsmen will make sense of giver. I usually think that it is fresh to the person who is not familiar with crafts, and there is no concern that the same thing is covered by lovers like a lover. If you can adopt casually anything in your daily life, you can use it without thinking about the laker beginner.
Also, even if you think that you bring it back as a drawer, lacquerware is the best.
It is very light and very light, and there are few worries about cracking compared to pottery and glass.

Recommended for celebration


I'm glad that there are many pretty small dishes.
Lacquerware is not easy, light, easy cleaning, and perfect for everyday use.

Click here for a plate page

Picture Frames

It is a good place for photos to be decorated at any time.
The frames of calm shade are also familiar with any room.
If you celebrate your child's birth to your relatives, you will be pleased to give you a photo of your baby.

Click here for a photo page


Cutlery (chopsticks, chopsticks, spoon)

A common use of commonly used is a good thing. Simple and any dishwriter.
Because chopsticks and spoons are put into the mouth, the antibacterial effects of lacquer are safe.
You can also feel the goodness of the wood product. (Please see this blog for the antimicrobial action of lacquer

Click here for product pages such as chopsticks


Speaking of Kamakura Arranges, it will come up soon after all.
From the casual geometric pattern, various things can be made to the design.
The shadows produced by the sculpture can feel like you can enjoy the paintings that can be enjoyed in life.

Click here for product page of Obon

Kamakura carving that craftsman is handmade is also possible for original customs.
Traditional patterns are also wonderful, but you can also engrave shop names and logos!

Original Kamakura carving is an impact!
You can use gold letters back to the back, so you can also use various souvenirs.

Each of the statements to be engraved are meaningful. I think it is interesting to choose according to the contents of the celebration. Also, if you celebrate your childbirth, it seems to be pleased even if you are a design that has been carved by flowers and plants in the season when your child was born.

If you write a letter of thanks, you will be more impressive and will be a gift that feels the story.

in conclusion

I think it is a happy time to choose a gift for someone.
If you are a "happy segment division" called a celebration, the gift will also choose a wonderful feeling.
Through the celebration, you can convey gratitude to those who are taking care of everyday, and make a newly encountered person and the future relationship.
The celebration is not just a return, but a gift that deepens the connection with people.
Want to entrust the Kamakura carving to you to share with the important person? Traditions and technologies bearing Kamakura will deliver your feelings firmly.
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