An elegant time in a stay home thinking about Kamakura carving at Corona

Congratulations to everyone, New Year.

It was a year that was swung around last year. The situation where the daily life does not remain is now continuing.
The opportunity to go out to drink outside, too, and the opportunity to go outside, and I have a lot of nights spending at home.
So this time, I thought about the Kamakura carving used for myself at home at this time when I was forced to stay home.

Elegant time in the tray of oneself

Among the customers who came to our shop, there are many cases where "the opportunity to use the tray has decreased compared to before." Certainly there are fewer customers visiting your home, there is no more opportunity to give tea. If it is under the circumstances of Corona, I think that the visitor will decrease.
But it is not only for customers to be hospitated with Obon and confectionery dishes. Yes, how about himself?

In dinner and tea time

I love Kamanakura scrolls when myself also dinner at home. The beer and dry things poured into the glass as it is. Alternatively, I am using the Both Way and the bowl of sake, and the small bowl.

9 Bamboo bamboousing.

Tea time may take coffee, tea and tea, chocolate and cookies, etc.

7 Silver Bon Bon Futtanusing.

Candy sweets of tea is Kamakura'sChamic child"is.

Usage example that can also be used for wine

When drinking wine, we carry a wine bottle on the platform of the tea ceremony. This way, drops when pouring into the glass does not contaminate the table. The cheese and salami, which will be wine's atmosphere, sliced ​​and arranged on the cracket and candy dishes.

7 Seat Pay4 Seat Sagata Flower is used.
By the way, after using it, it is safe to wash it with a detergent etc. There is no problem if I wash well after washing. Because the lacquerware is misunderstood that it can not be washed with water, because it is misunderstood.

Lacquer also has antimicrobial action

Do you know?
It is known that lacquered ones have high antimicrobial action.
The following are experimental results in various lacquer production areas.

Fukui Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, famous for Echizen lacquerware

Experiments on S. aurephidis are performed, and it is validated that both a month after lacquer and one year after one year have the same level of antimicrobial effect. It is an important point that the antimicrobial effect is not lost even if the lacquerware is used for a long time.

Kyoto Crafey Lacket Cooperative

An experiment was carried out to leave E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella-enteritis Bibrio on the surface of lacquered plastic, and 4 hours later, the bacteria were halved, and 4 hours later, data was shown to be zero after 24 hours.
In addition, if you put a bacterial solution such as O-157 in both physiological saline with lacquered plates and mere saline, the former has no bacteria, and the latter remains a large number of bacteria There is a result of that.

Iwate Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, famous for Painting Temple

The difference between the difference in the antimicrobial properties of Chinese and Japanese lacquer and the effect of the effects of each other, and the difference in the effect of the method of painting, and the antimicrobial action by the chronological and the lacquer from Japan. It was announced that there is no change.
It is said that it is also to prevent rotten corruption by a bacteria, also preventing corruption by a bacteria, from being put in a lacquered double box at this time of New Year's Day.

Unfortunately, I do not know the effects on coronavirus now, but the lacquerware is highly with high antimicrobial effects, too, there is some sense of security.
(It may be a feeling that only me feels ...)

Let's use it for this opportunity to stay home!

The Kamakura Cross has a history that has been crossed from the continent with Buddhism culture, and it is also attractive that it is unexpectedly unexpectedly unexpectedly, not only traditional Japanese ceramics but also with Western dishes and Asian miscellaneous goods.

The attraction you use!

The Kamura scroll, which has been broken for many years, and the black lacquer in the surface comes out gradually and the black lacquer is floating. Because it is an uneven Kamakura carving on the surface, you will be able to show a new look along the carved design. Even if you say it, it's enough to wipe it with a soft cloth.
One of the attractions of such a transformation change also. There is also a way to enjoy your own Kamakura sculpture by using it!

Photo 8 Side-bye Bonan Semi Shira Example

Did you have a luxurious dinner, such as a luxurious dinner, such as a dinner for the day of Halle, and it's still a long-lasting dinner, and it's still a strong stay, and it's a luxury to spend at home. How about it.
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