What is the meaning of Japanese patterns incorporated in the pattern of Japanese style

The so-called "Japanese pattern" with many opportunities to see well with Japanese-style accessories. Although I have seen it, it may not be unexpectedly not knowing the name and that meaning.
As the design of the Kamakura scroll, it is often incorporated from the old days, but the statements such as graphic flowers are well incorporated, but depending on the design, various Japanese patterns are expressed by sculptures.
So I would like to talk about the assignment statement of Japanese pattern this time.

Assignment statement

An assignment statement is called a statement that regularly arranged one pattern. It may also be called a kimonistic pattern.
Here are some representative things.

Matsumatsu (one of the best)

Matsumatsu text is a pattern like so-called block check. The two-color square is lined up with each other, and looks like a cobblestone. It seems that "Matsumatsu-sama" came to be called "Matsumatsu-sama" because the Kabuki actor of the Edo period and Sano River Matsumatsu dressed in the stage costume.
Even in the popular cartoon "Ikincture Blade", the main character's Kamenjiro wears Matsumatsu's wingers.

In addition, the city of the Olympic Tokyo 2020 emblem is also incorporated.
It feels like this if you express the checker Matsumi with the Kamikura.

7 Silver Bond Matsumatsu


Hemp leaf (Asano)

It is a statement that has made hemp leaves. It seems to be a geometric pattern that combines the two-side triangle, but because a sturdy and growth is early, it seems that there was a custom to adopt a hemp leaf to bring up a lobe of a child as a durable. Habi-like embroidery is also embroidered in the way of sashimiors used in Kendo.
This is also a pattern found in Kimono-sanko's kimono characters, the characters of the "Iki no Blade".

The Kamakura scroll expresses hemp leaves in two ways of carving.

Aoshima Wave (Seii)

It is a pattern that stacked the semicircle like a wave. It is a good waves that the mild wave continues to be, the meaning of "the future peaceful peace".
The Lugby World Cup's referee uniform, held in 2019, also draws the pattern of Aoshuminea.

The Aoma Wave is a popular design or the Aomi Waves.

7 squeezed Bond Aoi Wave


Abnormal (Ajiro)

Tenzo is a woven bamboo knitted in a state like a network, and is also used for ceiling of Japanese architecture. It is said that the design of a large fishing is incorporated in the case of a rattan design because it is literally "instead of the network".
There are various patterns that are often found in washcloths, but there are such a feeling of Kamakura.
It is the most popular design in our shop.

9-dimensional Bonito



The sectors of triangles of the same size are in order to be designed to be in Japan in Japan, and are designed to be designed with snake scales, and the meaning of "play" and "accomplement" is included from the image to be kept. In addition, it is also used as a warrior of a warrior and a pattern of wingers from the meaning of protecting oneself with a habit.
Kamakura-Hojo's family crest, Temple Temple and Dietary Temple Temple Temple of Kamakura are also three.

In the 2022 NHK Taiga drama, Hojo Hajo, who supported Kamakura Shingfu, with the title "13 of the Kamakakura Hall".
The director is very much looking forward from now on Mitani Yukio, but it is now on the product of Yamazudo, and is currently working on "scale" prototype.


So this time was no Japanese pattern. I think it is one of the ways to create a smart sense that you choose your favorite sum pattern to know the meaning of the various patterns. How about trying to incorporate a great sum pattern into a daily life?
The photo is a uniform wearing a team of Japan representative in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. In addition to hemp leaves and Aoma waves, various types of allocation statements such as Yaba and Kaenko, etc.
Can you find some patterns?

 If you are worried about the product of Kamakura scroll, please see.

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