Natural paint derived from lacquerless plant

As the "Kamkura" is characterized by the sculpture applied to the surface as that name, it tends to see only the sculpting, but the Category of traditional crafts nationwide designated by the Ministry of Industry and Classification is classified as "lacquerware" It will be done.
In other words, it is a craft of the same genre as the tschish painting and the distinctive pattern with the beautiful Wajima coating and unique patterns of the Makie.
It is a lacquered instrument, so the voice of the customer who is avoided if it seems difficult to handle. Certainly, for those who are not familiar with the daily lacquered instruments, it may be confused with what kind of scene to use in any scene.
So this time, I would like to talk a little while what is lacquer.

Is it characterized by lacquer? ?

Lacquer is said to have been used as paints from Jomon period around 12,000 years ago in Japan. A lazy of the trunk of Urushi tree, and a sap that comes out of it is a lacquer as a raw material. In other words, it is a natural paint derived from plants. From ancient times in Japan, the bowl has been used as a paint for any purpose, such as a bowl, a sword, a horse of a sword, and a temple company, and a shipping company.

The amount that can be harvested from one balushi tree that has been grown for 10 years is about 250 g, and one cup of tea ceremony is said. I understand that it is very valuable. It was so far that expensive woodworking products were lacquered.
(Even with the old-fashioned story of "Kodryu Urushi, which appears in the textbook of elementary school, there is an episode that the lacquered brothers will find the racco with the bottom of the river and get a lot of money)

Stem after lacquer

As a major feature of lacquer, the hardware is a great difference from other paints.
The general paint is dried and hardened by evaporation of water. On the contrary, lacquer is its main component of ursiol, with the function of the enzyme, leading to moisture or oxygen, and a solid strong film is created. Therefore, it has the rare nature that it does not fix without humidity.

In addition, the lacquer before curing is very easy to roll, and some people have the experience of being squeezed by touching the urish tree in the forest. Ursiol, which causes this rash, curing does not change the nature. It is strong against acid and alkali, etc., and has a function to hold the surface firmly.

It is this robustness that was lacquered for the old sheath of warriors and swords.

Lacquer type and method of manufacturing

Lacquer type and manufacturing method Lacquer as a paint has three types of manufacturing methods.
1) The only thing that filters collected lacquer
This is called a crunchy. It is used mainly for techniques called sliding lacquer making use of the base and wood grain.
2) Stir for lacquer and remove moisture and purified state
This is called a transparent lacquer. Because the transparent lacquer is high, it is possible to make various colored lacquer by mixing pigments. Use this lacquer to coat and top coat.
3) Mixed iron powder in the process of purification
This is called black lacquer. It is filtered with black-changed lacquer in chemical reactions by iron powder. It is widely used from middle coatings to overcoat. As there is also the word "jet black ~", we have a color that represents the texture of lacquer.

Because lacquer is originally sap, it is very compatible with the instrument with wood, and there is a penetration for the wood. In addition, it is more hard and durable by applying. In the crucible of the Kamakura Crossing, all three types of lacquer are used in each process from the base to the top coating.

Episode of lacquer surprise!

As an episode that tells lacquered robustness, there is a story that a lacquered comb made in the Jomon period is excavated. This comb is held at the Fukui Prefectural Vertical Story History Museum, but about 6100 years of age measurement results are obtained.

I think that it will be understood that the lacquer is durable as a fact that the comb of the comb is not buried in the soil soil. Not only that, Jomon people are also fascinated by lacquered beauty, and if I think that I was using a comb in everyday fashion, it is a story that I feel romance.

in conclusion

There may be a feeling that it may be a pleasure to hesitate to say "Don't get hurt on a beautiful surface", but because it is a durable and long-lasting of daily necessities such as the instrument, it is useless, In order to incorporate the lacquerware and realize its robustness, it is a wish of the form.

The Kamakura scroll has an advantage that the sculpture is sculpted, wounds and so on. While thinking about Jomon people, I would like to spend some time with Kamakura carving, who feel romance.
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