The Kamakura sculpture panel can be seen at the Marlowe Ofuna Lumine Wing Store! !

The Kamakura sculpture panel of Marlowe Lumine Wing, which was opened on October 18, was finally installed at the store at the end of November! !

For the first time in Kamakura, we ordered a Kamakura sculpture panel installed at the store.

As shown in the picture, we have produced five types of panels related to Marlowe.

This is the main MARLOWE logo panel. The gold leaf is stuck on the surface so that the logo stands out, but it is truly powerful.♪

This is an illustration of the famous uncle Marlow. (Real name: Philip Marlow, that's right)

It is painted in black lacquer so that the silhouette is emphasized.

And the depth of the sculpture near 10mm! It is powerful.

This is the pudding illustration as a panel.

Unlike the gold leaf of the logo, gold flour is sown and finished to get closer to the pudding atmosphere. Even with the same pure gold, each has its own expression. The lacquer paint is also applied to the illustration.

Speaking of Marlowe pudding, this beaker

The real thing is a little deformed, but I think the beaker atmosphere can be expressed.

The point is that the uncle mark is slightly distorted and carved to express the curved surface of the beaker.

This is the panel of MARLOWE Akiya head office. This is finished with orthodox Kamakura sculpture.

The logo and uncle mark are also faithfully reproduced.


Above, we have introduced MARLOWE's custom panel!

If you want to see the real thing, please visit the Ofuna Lumine Wing Store.♪


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