I ordered a decorative panel opened by Marlowe!

Speaking of Hayama's famous pudding, Marlowe

Above all, the beaker used in the pudding container is

And it is the mark of Uncle Marlow, a symbol.


This time, we ordered a panel to decorate Marlowe's new store, which is scheduled to open in LUMINE LUMINE in Ofuna in October! !

Here is a photo of the carved state♪

MARLOWE logo panel.

It is so deep with the hand -carved craftsman's hand carving!

With the kindness of Marlowe, the crest and logo of Sanshodo are also included ww


And the familiar uncle mark

This is also carved with the depth of the whole body!


The main store in Akiya has been reproduced into a round panel.


Pudding! (No explanation required !!)


Although it is a little deformed, there are also familiar beakers!


This is the carved photo.

It will be painted up by the opening, but the finished photo will be posted on the blog at a later date.

By the way, click here for information on the opening of Marlowe's new store!


The image image of the new store "Marlow Ofuna Rumine Wing Store" is also uploaded.

In the back, you can see what you care about ...

Sanshodo also accepts original logo and custom -ordered orders.
Please check this out for details!
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