JAPAN EXPO Paris 2022 exhibition report!


From July 14th to 17th, we opened at the WABI SABI booth held at PARC DES EXPOSITION PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE! !

Speaking of Paris ...






The Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, or even the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera, and the cityscape with a history and taste,

The event called JAPAN EXPO, which was exhibited this time, will be held at a trade fair on the outskirts of Paris near Charles de Gaulle Airport, the gateway to Paris.

Therefore, the atmosphere is unrelated to the image of Paris as described above.



yes! !
Congratulations on manga, anime, and cosplay! !

At this event, where French people who love Japan are gathered throughout the country, many people are interested in Japanese culture in general, and calligraphy, traditional performing arts, and crafts are also attracting attention.



There are also shogi and Go.



At the venue, there are also rice ball sales booths.
One rice ball is about 3 euros, but it is quite a price considering the recent depreciation rate. 。 。

Meanwhile, I sold Kamakura sculpture as a Sansuido booth for the first time in three years! !

This time, we are standing at the booth with the "Kamakura Susumu Cloth" made by the maker shirt Kamakura.♪

Above all, lacquered chopsticks are very popular, and on the second day at the Sanshodo booth, the chopsticks were sold out!

The popularity of the plants is also very popular, and this is also sold out during the exhibition!

Click here for the popular (?) Sanshodo chopsticks and gigs!

Many people are surprised by the wooden and the lightness of the product itself, so it was really fun to see such reactions while serving customers.♪

At the WABI SABI booth, a variety of products that embody the sum, calligraphy workshops, and stage performance by Japanese artists were also performed, and it was a great excitement.

Singer Ai. The appearance of singing "Gurenka" was impressive.

Everyone is enthusiastic on another stage.
I'm worried about infection because it's a little dense, but ...

Who is like Oba Q? 。 。

In addition to selling, it was very fun to meet a variety of cosplayers without being cut off, and when I turned the camera, everyone was happy to take the shooting.

By the way, here are the wonderful people you met at the venue.♪

After all, the most popular was the "Demon Blade"
The brothers and sisters of Junjiro and Nezuko are seen here and there.

There were also brothers and sisters here. It's a giso husband and a fallen princess.

By the way, such a brother ...

The building looks fine and above all.

The members of the demon killing squad are also all stepping.

The people of Tokyo Swastika are also seen here and there.
It was very popular and nobody was a day.

NARUTO is still very popular.
These niche characters are more complete.

The place that reproduces the Wano Kunito is also fine.

This is the king of the sniper, everyone is elaborate.

This time, I saw a lot of Ghibli Chara
Princess Mononoke seems to be popular.

Some people like Ghibli too much and put tattoos.
Each character is neatly organized.

So, Death Note on the opposite arm

Speaking of France, it was the hometown of Lupine's grandfather.
The dimension with glasses is also fresh (laughs)

The Imperial Army, led by Darth Vader
Star Wars and Marvel cosplayers are actually quite good.

Is this a Fortnite skin or something?
I'm not sure, but it's decided!

I don't know this character, but ...
Two uncles who are very complete.

From here, it is an introduction of those who personally like it.


A very cute woman with the umbrella of Terrutel shaven.
Thanks to you, I was blessed with fine weather for 4 days!

It's hard to understand at a glance, but the contents are one person (laughs)
When you walk, you will be fluffy.

This person, reminiscent of Saint Seiya, is actually dressed in a paper plate armor.

Anyway, it's impressive, but it seems to be very hot because it's a real fur.
By the way, Paris at this time exceeded 30 ° C during the day!

The giants in the wall are also coming out too much in the heat.

They in such a figure (who?), I'm curious about Kamakura sculptures!

And this is the last! !

Mazinger Z was very popular in the 1970s robot animation in Japan, but in France, the sequel (?) Glendizer is loved.

The high profile for French people is not as much as it sells at the supermarket where you stop by! !
By the way, the uncle of the supermarket staff talked about me as Japanese and talked, "I know Glendizer!"

He said that he made his own Glendizer costume with leather work.
As expected, French leather craftsmen! It is a hat off at the level of Hermes! !

For this reason, the introduction of Kamakura sculpture was full of photos of cosplayers, but it was four days to realize how many French people who love Japanese culture love.

Click here for the Chopsticks and Kagui of the Sanshodo for the Parisian Parisienne!


Recently, taking pictures of pyramids at the entrance of the Louvre with fingers seem to be popular.
The Sansai -do shopkeeper desperately took a single -lens reflex camera with one hand to travel alone (laughs)
If you are going to Paris for sightseeing, please try it!

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