We exhibited at "Shigeten" sponsored by Kamakura FM!

8Moon6From Sunday (Saturday)9Until Tuesday (Tuesday), Hotel Metropolitan KamakuraMuji.comWe exhibited at "Shigeten" held at!


Under the theme of "Let's discover the" skiing "," the venue had a work experience booth centered on companies in Kamakura City, and many children participated!


At the Sansai -do booth, let's draw a sketch of Obon, which is the product♪ With the cooperation of the chopped picture writer, Ikao Ikuo, we gathered cute apprentices and painted!




By the way, this project was to explain, "What is Kamakura carving?"



Anyway, anyway!

The children's ideas are really free.


Each person has their own way of working on the paintings, and everyone is crazy when they start drawing, both chat -loving and shy children.


We were watching a lot of energy from the children.



This is the picture they and their drawing! !



I think everyone is a masterpiece! !

I want to commercialize everything if I can, but I want to make some of these as a product because the creators are limited.

In addition, I would like to add some corrections as suitable for sculptures.


And Kamakura Mono -no -Fufu Corps, Toshiji Kamakura also jumped in and participated!


Here is the design written by Kamakura.

As expected. 。 。 。



Regarding the progress of commercialization, website as needed.SNSI would like to let you know, so please look forward to it!



They are as good as the children's designs, and the patterns of Sanshodo are also wonderful!


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