The Obon festival for the children who participated in “Work Ten” sponsored by Kamakura FM is complete!

Continuing from last year, Sansuido held a project called ``Let's draw a design for Obon'' at ``Work Ten'' held in August this year, sponsored by Kamakura FM.

<Click here to see the details of "Shigoten" held>

At that time, we received orders from four customers to actually produce trays based on their own drawings.

Now, the Obon festival that is attracting attention...

It's finally done! !

The children's innovative and free drawings are transformed into Kamakura-bori trays by skilled carvers and lacquerists, while still retaining the touch of the drawing.

Please take a look at the first design! !

Here is the first one

He drew a pattern of cicadas perching on trees and flapping their wings.
This design is

Right! !

What is particularly noteworthy is the way he depicts two different types of trees, and this is effectively utilized in the sculpture as well.

The way you draw the leaves is also very unique!

Here is the second one

The expression on the cat's face as he sleeps looks so comfortable!
The cat's tongue adds to the fluffy feel.

Here is what I carved...
Right! ! !

It gives you a three-dimensional feel that is different from the picture.
The logo, which looks like a signature, has also been reproduced.

Anyway, that's a nice looking cat...
I can't get enough of it. .

The third and fourth pictures were drawn by the brothers, each with a ptarmigan motif.

These two thunderbirds...
Shazam! ! ! !

In the second photo, I added vertical lines that were not present in the picture to give Raicho's head and body a rounded appearance.

The point is that each lightning bolt is engraved with a slightly three-dimensional effect.

Well, what do you think?

The children were looking forward to seeing the finished product and were very happy to see it.

As a creator, I would be very happy if you could keep this as a good memory of your summer vacation for a long time.

This project between "Shigoten" and Sansuido, sponsored by Kamakura FM, will continue from next year, so please look forward to next year! !

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