Make a tray with the design of "Shigeten"!

In August this year, I had my children draw a pattern of Kamakura sculpture at "Shigeten" sponsored by Kamakura FM.


Indeed, 22 children actually drew them considering the design of the Bon Bon of Kamakura.

This time, I actually carved three of them as a pattern!

(I really want to make all the designs a product, ...)


Here is the photo! ! Jan! ! !

There were several patterns of the sea and yacht, but I used this designed design.

The seagull is in the sky, so it creates a good atmosphere.♪


Click here for the second! Jan! !

Gosonji, Enoden!

Some children wrote the Enoden motif, but it was quite nice to put Enoshima in the background, so I adopted this.

The roads and waves are also carefully expressed.♪


And here is the third! Jan! !

It is Mt. Fuji! !

Anyway, it is a design that makes you feel powerful overall.

The expression of clouds like donuts is also interesting.

And after all, I think it's really unique to draw leaves like this in a tree.


Each has three works full of originality♪


When I looked at the product that was actually completed, I felt that none of them seemed to have been carved by professional sculptors, and seemed as if a child who drew a design was carved.

The sculptor craftsmen also faithfully reproduced the design and carved, but I felt again how important the sketch pattern is for the finish of the carving.

No, it's all about studying. 。


By the way, these three works are currently in the lacquered process.

The painted tray will look more prominent with the design.

I'm really looking forward to it♪


The completed product will be posted on the blog again, so please look forward to it! !


They are as good as the children's designs, and the patterns of Sanshodo are also wonderful!


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